Why host with notdesign.net?

Personalized Support

notdesign.net is committed to providing you with a high level of personalized support, all while offering hosting plans at reasonable rates. We strive to solve your problems as fast as we can and offer multiple levels of technical support. You can use our support forums, contact us via email, or even chat live using ICQ. We treat our customers like people and not just numbers and statistics.

No Bull

Some other hosts (who shall remain unnamed) offer out ridiculously cheap hosting prices, but pad their prices with setup fees or other hidden charges. Unlimited disk space? Unlimited bandwidth? Sorry, mate, there's no such thing. If that were true, everyone would have T1 ultra-broadband internet access into their homes now.

The hosts that claim to offer "Unlimited Everything" are overselling their server space and bandwidth, hedging their bets that you're not likely to use very much of it anyway. We do not oversell and each customer has a fixed disk space and bandwidth quota that is guaranteed, thus rest assured that your site will still be accessible at good speeds even if your 'neighbours' on the same server run a high-bandwidth site.

World-class Datacenter

Our servers are located at The Planet, renowned for it's excellent connectivity with world-wide backbones ensuring your site will not only be accessible, but also served fast! The servers are backed up daily and protected with redundant power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security systems.